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Yoga Teacher Training Myths Debunked: We are All Beginners

That realization, perhaps revelation that scares us and invigorates in the same breath. We’ve all been here. “I think I want to teach yoga,” I said to my husband in June of 2012. September 2012, I began a 10-week 200 hour RYT teacher training program in Dallas. It was simple really, after I let go and let God if you will, I took the leap and had this overwhelming feeling that I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

In those first few months when debating whether or not to follow those yogis before me and start teacher training, I must have read hundreds of blogs, websites, etc about how long should I have practiced before training, what will I learn, will I know how to teach at the end, how will I know I’m ready for such an intense training?

Inquiring students are now looking to me for this unanswerable information. I hope my experience helps ease some uncertainty; however, I hope it doesn’t ease too much…It’s where we are uncomfortable in this life when we grow.

Myth #1 Everyone will be so experienced.

I wish I would’ve let this one go. It caused some restless nights. At the time, I had been doing yoga for about 3 years; I had been practicing and actually dedicated to that practice for a little over a year. However, at the time of training I was about 6 months into actually be aware of how powerful yoga was to my mind, my body, my soul. 6 months. That is all.

We were all at different levels in our personal practice, yet many of us were blind to it. There is no striving in yoga, no ego. Each person in your program plays an integral part of the process. Some are there to become teachers, others to gain knowledge of yoga to deepen their practice. It is here that I found the focus of yoga is not nor will ever be the poses, the flying, the handstands, headstands, backbends, etc. The asanas are beautiful but the dedication behind the practice is what keeps us coming back. Each time I fall and get back up, each time I see beads of sweat hitting my mat, each time my body starts to shake, I take that with me, it becomes a part of me…and I am stronger. Experience in the yoga world doesn’t mean much. One of my greatest teachers always said, “We are all beginners.” Don’t let the idea that you are a beginner keep you from a journey through teacher training. That would be silly. ♥

Be honest with yourself. I promise you know when you’re ready. If it’s a timing issue always remember that we make time for the things we want to. It can change your whole perspective. My husband, Kyle and I were transitioning into married life, even buying our first home during my time in teacher training.

Myth #2

I will have to memorize things.

The thickness of the training manual is intimidating, but that’s about where the fear stops. From Sanskrit pronunciation to proper cues to anatomy to principles of yoga, you will be given the tools to not just teach but to be inspiring. You will memorize things not because you have to, merely because you want to. It becomes part of your wealth of knowledge. It will be your yoga bible as you start writing our your very first class outline.

Myth #3

10 weeks is a long time. Yes, it was but looking back it went by so very fast. Of course I missed my newlywed husband and our little dog, I missed our Saturdays and Sundays together but I wouldn’t trade my teacher training experience for the world.

Myth #4

I don’t think I can actually teach at the end.

“The mind is everything. You become what you think.” Buddha

Enough said. You can do anything, be anything. You are brave enough, strong enough, and definitely smart enough.

Myth #5

I won’t get a teaching position.

Being a teacher should never be a destination, but rather a goal in your journey. When you are genuine, passionate and prepared, you will radiate what yoga really is, a lifestyle–a science of life, of well-being. Be yoga. When you’re absolutely ready, it will come. ♥

I hope this spoke to somebody out there considering a 200 hour yoga teacher training. Yogis who inspired me to teach always said when you meet your group and grow with them, you will know why you waited until now or had to do it now…it’s exactly where you’re meant to be. So I pass that knowledge to you. All of my love as you make your decision; although, I think it’s already been made.

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