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Mindfulness is a Practice.

I repeat: We must practice.

So when we come across the moments that aren’t pleasant and we will all have them, we know how to harness our energy to avoid becoming overwhelmed and frozen. There will be storms. There will be moments we literally feel like we can’t breathe and feel completely out of control and lost. It is here we tap into the mindfulness we’ve been so eagerly practicing.

Sometimes we have to stay in a place even when we want to run. We don’t ask ourselves to not react or have intense emotions. We simply learn to relax and invoke the parasympathetic nervous system when those emotions do bubble up. We must practice how to rest the mind and body.

Life is slowing down right now. There is an inherent and overwhelming effort to stay put. The to do lists, the meetings, the activities, the SPORTS have been put on pause. Take time yourself today to pause—not out of fear or worry but to notice your surroundings, your loud kids at home, the sanctuary and space you’ve created, it is all useful

This is the power of mindfulness.

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