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You are Wildly Capable

💎 A diamond thief hangs around the diamond district to see who was purchasing gems so later he could pick their pocket. He was a master at his craft. It was so refined he never missed any opportunities. One day he saw a well known diamond merchant with a gem that had the possibility to change his entire life. If he could steal this gem, his life would change. He would be so rich, and he knew immediately it would be his next acquisition. For days he followed this merchant on a train ride and for 3 full days, he could never locate the diamond’s whereabouts. 3 days.

He was flustered and beside himself that he could not locate it, so he went up to the merchant who had so carefully hidden the diamond. “Where did you hide the diamond? I must know,” he said. “I’ve been watching you for 3 days, following your every movement, and you’ve managed to hide this from me. I must know. Please tell me.”

The merchant replied, “I saw you following me at the diamond district so I put it in the place you’d be least likely to look.” The merchant reached into the thief’s pocket and took out the diamond. Beautiful, whole, clean, pristine, pure, it was in his pocket the entire time.

Moral of the story: See your radiant beauty. See your wholeness. See that everything you’ll ever need is already inside. You are wildly capable and infinitely whole just as you showed up today. Remind someone of this today. It is easily forgotten.

💎forward to someone who needs a reminder

Paraphrasing from the beautifully written book, The Diamond in Your Pocket by Gangaji

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