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Yogi Testimonials


Anna D., Yoga Student

“Sarah‘s yoga class is awesome! Not only does she sequence and create a beautiful flow for us, she’s a down-to-earth, genuinely kind soul that makes coming to yoga a level-up experience. 


As a current yoga teacher in training, I’ve actually learned a lot through Sarah’s teaching style just by attending classes. She greets me by name and even notices when I am progressing and challenging myself in class. I always feel uplifted, seen, and valued when I leave Sarah’s class. She inspires me in how I’d like to show up as an instructor one day. 


I tell everyone to come and join her (already packed) guided flow, because truly, It’s the best! And her playlist is always spot on. Keep up the amazing work, Sarah!


Blessed to know you, friend!

Anna D"

"Sarah is an authentic, knowledgable instructor that creates a feeling of acceptance & love in her classes. She guides you in a way that allows you to get comfortable with yourself without feeling self conscious. Her friendly, enthusiastic teaching style gently pushes you to go out of your comfort zone while relaxing and guiding you to be a better version of yourself."

"Many yoga teachers seem to be afraid of imparting all of their knowledge. Sarah Shiplett does the opposite, proving both her teaching ability and yoga acumen by explaining everything in as much detail as possible.


I have had the pleasure of teaching and learning from Sarah for the past 8 years. Along the way I have been privileged to realize the human side of this extraordinary human.


Sarah seamlessly incorporates personal experiences, useful gems of wisdom, and detailed technical knowledge of her own self study Pm ones with intelligent flows.


It’s a rare opportunity in this day and age to come into contact with a light like Sarah’s. Her great respect for yoga, for the people that attend classes and the community surrounding itself, is unmatched.


We Rise By Lifting Others.

Stephen Bison 500-EYRT"

"Sarah's yoga class is an experience.  Born in India, I have some pre set expectations for Yoga and Meditation.  Sarah's class is the closest I've ever experienced here in the USA.  

Whatever she talks in class connects with us.  She puts you in the right mindset with the right set of music.

I've learned to breathe properly and to be in the Present - all thanks to Sarah. I always feel that I am a better person after attending her class. I highly recommend everyone try Sarah's yoga class.

"I am a cardio person, and surrendering myself to Yoga was a difficult process - both mentally and physically.


Every time I take a class from Sarah I feel amazing, and I am thankful that she consistently has helped me through the process@


I can now touch my toes, take time to breathe, and she is there cheering me on every step of the way.


Her understanding that some days when we come to the mat we fall, laugh, or cry has been reassuring that yoga is a true practice.

Kim O., Yoga Student

Stephen B., 500-EYRT

Lekshmi N., Wize Academy

Emily, Cycle Instructor

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