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"Which parts of normal do I want to go back to...?"

I keep hearing this phrase come up. "I wish things were back to normal but which parts of normal do I want to go back to."

There has definitely been a shift in consumption in my household. As a mother of two under 5, I was at the grocery store every other day. We needed this or that. A huge eye opening shift for my family is how much we were wasting. Waste is defined as to use or expend carelessly, extravagantly or to no purpose. We were throwing so much out. When I look back, it saddens me that we had lived this way, bringing up our kids in a household that didn't honor "leftovers" and essentially abundance. Throwing a half eaten cup of hummus away is now a thing of the past. It now gets wrapped up in foil and put right back in the fridge for tomorrow.

I also slid into the common meal time habit of only serving what my kids like to eat. This was easy for me to do because I am the main grocery shopper. So to the store I went and would buy x, y and z and that is what they ate. Once quarantine hit, we were almost forced to make a conscious decision to waste less and eat more at home. I stumbled across Fresh Harvest Delivery on the recommendation of my mom. I knew nothing about produce delivery but I do know some restaurant owners in the N Dallas area and that they were not only struggling but food was actually being thrown out because it was going bad before farmers could get it to our tables. I have to repeat it because it's devastating. Food was going bad before people could get access to it.

Restaurants have come together with this new avenue of fresh produce delivered right to you door. For a flat rate of $40, you will receive a box of hand picked, fresh beautiful produce. You don't have to grab a mask, gloves and sanitizer to feed your family. You place the order online and the next day hand picked, fresh, crisp produce arrives at your front door. Our local restaurants are adapting and I'm so proud to live in a place where love and creativity is persisting over fear. Your health will thank you, your kids will see you making food fun and the many people who work in the restaurant industry will be able to work.

I have partnered with Fresh Harvest Delivery to giveaway one Produce Box + a Free Membership to my On-Demand Yoga Channel. All you have to do is follow 3 easy steps to enter!

Step 1: Become a Free Member of My Online Community Here

Step 2: Follow Fresh Harvest Delivery on Instagram

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BONUS ENTRY: Subscribe to Sarah Shiplett Yoga on YouTube! On my Public Page, I have some Yoga and Meditation Teaser Videos for All-Levels to try out! And when you love those and want more, you can join our On-Demand Online Community!

Giveaway will close on Tuesday, May 5 at Midnight! The Winner will be Announced on Wednesday, May 6! Good luck and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

All my love,


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