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Why Meditation? A counselor weighs in on its benefits and shares how to get started.

I'm thrilled to share this collaboration. I've teamed up with Jennifer Slingerland Ryan Ph.D., LPC-S to promote a holistic approach to mental health and wellness both on and off the mat. Let me introduce you to Jennifer, a counselor who has been in private practice for over 15 years and owner of IChooseChange. She has a passion for helping people and has dovetailed her clinical work with other forms of wellness including self-care rituals, meditation, mindfulness, yoga and even nature. Join us as she schools us on the "why" behind meditation and how to make it part of our self-care routine.

โ€œCalm The Core Down!โ€ There is a lot of evidence that meditation can lower blood pressure, regulate heart rate , and alleviate chronic pain. It reduces stress levels, boosts your immune system , and helps you sleep. Meditation is therapeutic in many ways. Not only can it quiet your jumbled, hyper-thinking brain, but it can also increase awareness of what is happening inside your body in the present . Meditation helps you