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The Power of Self

For the month of May (Mental Health Awareness Month), we will be hearing from mental health care professionals who have infused their practice with ancient yogic wisdom & philosophy to introduce breath work, mindfulness and some even yoga asana and meditation.

Today, we hear from my first teacher, my mama.

All my love, Sarah

The power of self...what does that mean in this world we are living in?

It means being able to reach deep into self and being calm in the eye of the storm.

When you feel yourself being swallowed up by the impact of self isolation or the demands of others, including those we love.

1. Take a step away from all the noise and breath as deeply as possible and focus on you.

2. Wrap your arms around self and feel your innate strength. Strength that has always been there. Your feet on the ground, your body extending from center.

You take up space and you matter.

You are equipped with power that can be harnessed and implemented when needed the most.

It's ok to feel out of control and its ok to mourn the loss of "normal". But, it's also ok to take your power back within your own space. We are all powerful.

Guest Post written by Patsy G. Skelnik, MA, LPC

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