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"Your meditations have been so helpful and soothing right now."

"I swear I felt like each breath. Each pose I came back to myself some. I definitely lost myself this last week."

"I have never done meditation before and by the time it was over I was light and ready to finish my day...Your yoga classes have helped me on so many levels."

"She (baby girl) actually did most of the 40 minutes with me. She talks the whole time and asks 'what you doing?,' and "where Ms Sarah go?"

I'm putting these reviews here because they're my fuel for my business. As I started this online virtual yoga platform I was really quite scared of failing--perhaps that is an understatement. I was so terrified that I almost quit three separate times. I wanted to quit three times in one week. But something kept pulling me back. My mindset was this: if I could help one person find their breath during quarantine, my time was useful. I would make my home a studio and provide virtual offerings to family, friends, acquaintances and now strangers. Those strangers are becoming family right before my eyes. I didn't know how but I knew my why. I also knew that my fear of failure would never be stronger than my willingness to try to continue to share my passion for teaching and for yoga.

What I'm finding is that the more authentic I can be as a teacher, the more open of my struggles during this time, the more I am able to serve. How has breath work helped me get through at-home learning? How has movement and sweat help me cope with anxiety and feelings of loneliness and sadness?

For the past 6 weeks I'm tethering between this odd flux of unwaveringly contentment at home and being completely overwhelmed and sad. I'm happy I'm home with my babies and I'm also completely untethered at times that I'm at home with my babies with no where to go and nothing to do but wait. I have to manage expectations of everyone--cancelled birthdays, cancelled trips, postponed doctor appointments, deaths of loved ones, And wait for what? No end dates. No plans to return to the world we once knew. But I know this: the power of love and connection is far greater than fear.

Yoga helps me notice reaction and while it doesn't void or take away my discomfort completely, it helps my mind and body come back to the present moment to experience the abundance that exists around me. It is not all bad. There is goodness. By controlling your breath, you calm your mind and bring awareness to your moments--that awareness is the heart and soul of yoga. The time is going to continue to pass. Let's make a promise to each other to breathe and move together so that we don't miss the good stuff.

All my love,


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