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Silence Keeps Us Sick, guest feature by Summer B., author of Blended

There’s a difference between studying and suffering. I had all the years of studying, six to be exact. Studying the brain and psychology behind it, people and all their ways. But the years of studying led to stale empathy when working with actual people.

For me, the memorized facts about mental illness we’re a far cry from the feelings I gained from experiencing one. In 2014, 10 months after the birth of my son, I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression. I capitalize it because it capitalized me.

The brain atrophies in isolation and in response breeds despair.

Despair prolonged my suffering and months would pass before asking for help. What I learned along the way was that suffering well doesn’t require you to suffer in silence. Silence, sisters, keeps us sick and it’s in the sickness that we stay stuck in a perceived worthlessness. We then spiral far, far away from our God given truth.

The truth? We were meant to live in community. Humanly built for it actually and His message to me through it all was this: you are not alone. Maybe I’m meeting you in the middle or somewhere in between but the message is the same - you are not alone. Don’t believe this lie or stay stuck in isolation.

Blended Book Co. is committed to shaking up the failure rate for blended families, one family at a time. Blended Book Co. is a ministry for blended families born out of hard times and heartache with the vision to provide hope and healing to anyone in need. Blended is relationship-driven ministry with a workbook foundation.

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